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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • What is BIM?

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integrated and collaborative approach to construction. A process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions and streamline facilities management.

    Benefits of BIM

    1. Fewer errors and omissions - BIM allows construction projects to be digitally modelled from start to finish. This allows architects to simulate processes to check for hazard

    2. Collaborating with owners and design firms - Communication in construction just got so much simpler. A picture says a thousand words...

    3. A complete, accurate, 3D interactive digital model says even more! Leading to smoother, easier delivery.

    4. Reducing rework - The positive impact of reduced rework (mainly due to mistakes or miscalculations) is possibly the biggest factor on the project’s cost.

    5. Reduced construction cost - The reduced costs come from a whole array of factors; Greater accuracy of project phasing, Greater accuracy of material orders, Reduced project duration, Improved safety, and Reduced rework.

    6. Government legislation - BIM Level2 becomes a legal requirement for any public project tendered from April 4th 2016. will then validate BIM data (COBie UK) from October 2016.

  • How we can help?

    1. BIM files for the majority of our products can be downloaded directly from the individual product pages of this website via the download resources button.

    2. Authoring BIM - We work with the industry leading Revit® software, Vectorworks® and ArchiCAD® to create all our BIM objects. Autodesk Revit® the largest BIM software provider in the UK; Compatible with majority of the UK market, also offering the ability to author out in .IFC OpenBIM.

    3. BIM Objects created from our original manufacturing drawings - Intricate detail, Realism and definition, Up to date, On average each model is less than 0.8mb, and Parametric objects.

    4. In House Creation - In house architecturally trained BIM Manager, Our team author all our models, Greater accuracy, Faster, Up to date, and Unrivalled technical support.

    5. Expertise - Autodesk trained design team, RIBA/NBS approved models, Hosted on,, and Supporter of BIM4M2

    6. High level of information - Over 100 pieces of data attached to each model, COBie (Construction Operations& Building Information Exchange), IFC – Upper tier data, NBS Create – New building spec data, British Standard (BS1192:4), Future proofing, Keeping up to date.

    7. Collaborative - Aid Level2 Compliance, Easier to use, Pre-Assembled models, Tailor made options, Dynamic market, Commercial &Residential Product.

    8. Realistic Renders.