24 January 2018


Sottini has this week unveiled a range of ultra-slim yet robust vessel basins made possible by a pioneering innovation in ceramic technology.

The brand, whose reputation is built on a heritage of quality and innovation in design, has created the Ellero collection which features washbasins in three versatile configurations. 

The extraordinarily thin ceramic edges have been achieved thanks to the development of Diamatec, a new ceramic composition with exceptional resilience creating a ground-breaking combination of design and innovation. 

Three stylish vessels are in the collection, all configured in a practical 55 x 38cm size, with a choice of basins with or without overflow, for use with a wall or countertop mounted fitting, or a version with a tap deck.

Product manager Mike Smelt commented; “Achieving ‘light design’ has long been the elusive goal in ceramic manufacturing. With Ellero we have achieved an elegant basin range that pushes refinement to the limit. 

"The ultra-fine edges of these revolutionary pieces appear delicate but a unique combination of innovative materials gives them strength and resilience for demanding environments. The thin rims and overall dimensions have maximised the functional area within a fairly compact footprint.  

“That we have managed to incorporate smart slotted overflows into such slim edged basins is a difficult innovation to achieve and very rare in the market. This makes Ellero stand out from the competition by making them more practical and usable in smarter commercial environments such as hotels and restaurants. 

“As always, we are looking for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality and with the Ellero collection, we feel this has really been achieved.”

The Ellero collection has all the attributes interior designers, retailers and consumers are looking for in any bathroom environment; Stunning refined aesthetics, a practical washing space and durable strength. Ellero is available from November in Sottini outlets across the UK. 

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