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16 January 2018


It used to be just high rise city centre apartments where recreating the look and feel of a five star hotel were typical requirement for architects, designer and specifiers to address. 

However, with busy modern day lifestyles, new demands and the growing importance of the role of the bathroom within the home, house buyers are now increasingly looking fora bathroom that offers the luxury look and feel of a five-star hotel or spa, but combined with the appropriate functionalities to deal with the practicalities of everyday life.

Consumers seem to be attaching a greater importance to the role of the bathroom in the home,not just for its functionality but also its holistic benefits for unwinding and retreating from the stresses of modern day life.

Bathrooms are being designed to balance the practical needs of hopping in the power shower before work, with offering users the ability to ‘treat’ themselves every day in serene space to have a leisurely soak in a statement bath. 

When it comes to making the new home purchase decision, having a bathroom space that offers this lifestyle choice is an incredibly important and persuasive factor.

The new collection by Sottini, the timeless bathroom brand built on a heritage of quality and innovation in design, is geared towards both the house developer and hotel sectors, which ensures residential property developers can create the perfect look that appeals to consumers looking to replicate the very best in high-end hotel luxury style in a domestic bathroom.

The hotel bathroom has a lot in common with its domestic counterpart, not just in terms of creating a spa-like, relaxing sanctuary, but also in creating an individual finish with a sense of character that sets them apart from the competition.

With people being constantly on the go, not only is it essential to have a practical space for your morning routine, or bath time with the kids, but also a space that becomes a sanctuary of peace and tranquility at the end of the day. This means that bathrooms are now up there with the kitchen when it comes to selling houses.

Luxury, style and elegance is what bathrooms of first-class hotels are defined by – and Sottini has collaborated with internationally-renowned and award-winning product designers from around the world to create a collection of elegantly-crafted individual items that can be curated in a multitude of combinations for a domestic setting.

The new Sottini vision enables customers to simply imagine their own unique bathroom space.